Show and Tell – My Favourite Book by Xander

The Gooey Chewy Rumble Plop Book by Steve Alton and Nick Sharratt I like this book because its very interesting, its all about what happens to food when you eat it. I love the rubber tongue on the front of the book. Xander

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my best day ever

I went Lancaster Castle, it was fun and we were locked in a prison cell with the lights turned off. Xander

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my rabbits

I went    to   doc   a   park   farm    to      get       my      rabbits. We   brought    the      rabbits     home   we   put     them        in   the     hutch.   We   fead    them    evree     dey.    We    klene    them     oyt           evree         weak.      My      rabbits      are       kalled          buster          and       dottie.

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Show and tell

As from next week we are planning to spend some time every day focusing much more precisely on the children’s reading skills. However to allow for this to happen something has to go and regrettably we are going to have to really reduce the amount of show and tell we do in class. Each week one […]

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