Katie Morag by Dylan

My favourite part of katie morag delivers the mail is when she froes all of the rong parsels to the rong houses because she was sad.

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Katie Morag by Abi B

my    favourite     part of Katie Morag delivers the mail is when katie morag fell into the warter and she was soping wet. It is my favourite because it is very funny.

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katie Morag and the two Grandmothers

Class Four have been reading Katie Morag and the two Grandmothers.  Granny Island and Granny Mainland are very different in all sorts of ways!! Here are some of the differences we have found…. Granny Mainland She is very posh and she has lotions like perfume, lipstick and hair wax. Neilly Beag describes her as a […]

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Its time for Katie Morag!

In Classes 2,3,4 and 5 we are starting to read the Katie Morag stories.  Lets see what Class 4 think Katie Morag will be like before we read any…. Ellla thinks she will be excited. Sam thinks she will be really happy because she has a smile on her face. He also thinks she lives […]

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