Remembrance biscuits

In literacy we have been following instructions, Mrs Griffith has been bossy!  We followed instructions to make a poppy biscuit.  Here we are following instructions:

rem3   rem2

Here are Dylan’s instructions, see if you can follow them at home.

You will need: clean hands, icing sugar, red lace, colouring juice, spoon, biscuit and a paper towel.

1.  Put your biscuit on the paper towel and write you name.

2. Mix the food colouring with the icing sugar.

3. Spread the icing sugar in a circle.

4. Put the chocolate button in the middle.

5. Wrap the red lace around the biscuit.

6. Eat the biscuit.

This is what they should look like, can you have a go at home?


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Today Class 4 walked down to the Cenotaph at Bolton-le-Sands.rem5

The whole school have been making poppies out of wire and tissue paper and Miss Garnett arranged them into a wreath which we took down with us.  We saw other wreaths which had been laid from the Scouts, Cubs, the Fire Brigade and people from Bolton-le-Sands.  Together we wrote a prayer which Ash read out beautifully:

Dear God,

We remember the soldiers who died for us in the war.  Thank you for taking care of the people who suffered in the war and we think about their families.  We wear our poppy so we will never forget them.

We Remember Them,




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Stars of the Week


Stars of the week this week are Albie and Gabriella.

Gabriella always works so hard and has her hand up on the carpet and Albie really tried with his musical instrument. Well done both of you!


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Making instruments

Class Four have been designing and making instruments this week ready for our carnival!  We already have made our masks so it is going to be spectacular!  Here we are making our instruments, check the blog next week to see them all finished and pictures of our carnival.

star stars

Some of the instruments we have designed are shakers, drums, guitars and even flutes!  We have used glue and masking tape to attach pieces together, peas, pasta, lentils and elastic bands to make the sound and paint, feathers and pipe cleaners to decorate. We will be testing them out at the carnival and then evaluating them!

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Happy Holidays!

We hope you all have a lovely holiday and look forward to hearing about all the fun you have.

Remember that Les Lapins can bring their “Firework Art” show and tell on the first Friday back. The rest of you are welcome to blog your art- as long as your grown ups have worked out how to add media!

Finally we sent home an important letter today about changes to the way we use home/school reading books. If by any chance your child did not receive this letter please let us know when we return to school.

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Stars of the Week

Well done to Abi and Dylan who have worked really hard to be this week’s stars.


Abi- you’re really famous on the blog today!

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School Council

Congratulations to the Class 4 councillors, Connor and Ella. We’re sure they’ll do a great job representing our class.


Congratulations also to our vice councillors, William and Abi. Ella and Connor will need your support.




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my best day ever

I went Lancaster Castle, it was fun and we were locked in a prison cell with the lights turned off.


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I went  to  morecambe  f  c on Saturday with    my   grandad     morecambe  scored    a  goal    yeh”!      BUT     wimbledon     scored    a    goal      boooooooo!””It   was   a    draw.


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Puppies visit Class 4

Today Mrs Briggs brought in some 3 week old puppies to visit the children.  We loved stroking them and listening to their little barks!  The children asked some very sensible questions such as are they boys or girls?  How old are they? Where is the puppies Mummy? Mrs Livesey explained how to handle them and how they will be cared for.

jenta blog


Jenta is holding one of the puppies.

puppies 1


The three puppies in their box for the morning.

Class 4 have decided we would like to keep one for a class pet.  What do you think?


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