Blind Bartimaeus

Today in RE we have been reading the story of blind Bartimaeus and thinking about what it would be like to be blind.

Here are some photos.

This weekend think about how your life might be different if you were blind, what would you be unable to do that you can do now? Let us know what you come up with in a comment.

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Jesus is a friend to everyone.

This half term in RE we are exploring the theme “Jesus is a friend to everyone”. Today we have been exploring the story of The Ten Lepers. The children were asked to interview each other as if they were some of the lepers from the story.

Here are some of our interviews.


Perhaps you could send us a comment about how you would feel if Jesus had healed you?

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all about me – football!

I love football because there are so many teams and all of the players are very good. I do football practice every Saturday in Lancaster and play for an hour. I went to see Morecambe play Southend in the FA Cup but they lost 3 – 0.


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candle poem

We have been thinking about festivals in Class 4.  The candle light is important to both of the festivals we have been thinking about, Divali and Hannukah.  In literacy we have been looking closely at the candle and have come up with a wide range of adjectives to describe it.  We used them to write our own poems.  Here are our favourite lines from our poems.

A candle is….

as gold as treasure,

waxy like rain coming down from the sky,

gold like glitter,

hot like the sun,

as fiery as a firework zooming up into the clouds,

as soothing as music,

as golden as a gold coin,

flickering like a star,

distracting like a tv,

flickering like a ring,

golden like a star,

shining like a star,

pretty like a pearl,

as sparkly as a bauble,

as happy as happy memories,

flamey as a shimmering star,

as shiny as a piece of glass,

calming like my mummy,

as glittery as a ruby,

sad like sad memories,

scorching as a hot pan,

as gold as a sun,

as waxy as ear wax,

flickering like a fishes tail,

scorching like an oven,

sparkly like a ruby,

as burning as the sun,

and waxy like a surf board.

Can you think of any other ideas to add to ours?


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I really enjoyed French day. My favourite bit was having the hot chocolate and I also liked the baguettes too. I like the photo of me and Xander on  the blog.

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Show and Tell – My Favourite Book by Xander

The Gooey Chewy Rumble Plop Book by Steve Alton and Nick Sharratt

I like this book because its very interesting, its all about what happens to food when you eat it. I love the rubber tongue on the front of the book. Xander

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Star of the Week

The stars of the week this week are William and Ash. They’ve both been working really hard in Guided reading and are enjoying Penguin’s Progress. Sorry, no photos yet but we’ll add them next week.

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Bienvenue en France!

Another day, another country! Today we’ve had a lovely day visiting Paris.

The children made models, drew portraits and painted beautiful pictures in the style of Monet.

IMG_0272[1] IMG_0278[1] IMG_0254[1]

We had a great time playing Boules.


But I think everyone’s favourite was the food! We made our own chocolat chaud, and enjoyed baguette, fromage, patisserie and much more. Thankyou so much to everyone who sent food in.

IMG_0274[1] IMG_0275[1] IMG_0251[1]

I was really proud of how hard all the children tried to speak french. They’re getting really good!


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Carnival Time!!


Today the Year One and Year Two children took part in our Carnival! We had so much fun with our masks, samba dancing and playing our instruments.
We learnt 3 new samba moves which we put into practise a few times!
carnival5         carnival4
We made an alley and took it in turn to dance down the middle playing our instruments.
carnival6   photo (1)
Mr Martin taught us some samba rhythms using the ago-go bells and a whistle.  We played them on our own instruments.
We had lots of fun and got very hot!  What was your favourite part of the carnival?

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Evie’s letter from Afghanistan


my uncle is in afghanistan he is with the amerkans. He sent me a letter.

He told me that it is hot and dusty out there.

It is cold here. He said that he was missing us all and missing his dogs.

I im going to see him in january for 2 weeks.

He will miss christmas and my birthday but he will have christmas when he gets back.

I am going to wrigh him a letter.

bertie is cute.


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